Daniela Troll
Daniela Troll

    Daniela Troll works as a mechanical engineer in research and development. She enjoys being creative in other fields like music or arts and design for recreation. She has done music all her life and has also always enjoyed painting and drawing.

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    These activities help her to keep her balance and to express her feelings. She first discovered Trollbeads in a show window, being surprised by the coincidence of names. Daniela Troll is one of the winners of People's Bead 2013 and designed Thoughts for the Traditional Sayings Collection.

    “When I learned about the People’s Bead contest, many ideas instantly came to my mind. 'Thoughts are free' was the most important proverb I thought of, but also the most difficult one to realize as a bead design."

    "I imagined a thought as something that escapes easily, something that has to be small and flexible, so it can escape from anything that tries to lock it up. But on the other hand, the thought spreads and grows; it circles around the world and becomes powerful, if it is an important thought. After several attempts to visualize this, my design for 'Thoughts are free' was born.”


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